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AMS Corporation New Laboratory Workspace Wins Citation Design Award Given to BarberMcMurray Architects

The new, ultra-modern laboratory and workspace at Analysis and Measurement Services Corporation (AMS) of Knoxville, Tennessee, received a Citation Award from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) East Tennessee Chapter, on behalf of BarberMcMurray Architects (BMA) for the design of AMS’ new facilities. The award recognizes outstanding application of innovative control systems and/or instrumentation technology in the production of electric power.

The following criteria were considered in POWID’s award nomination to AMS:

  • Innovative application of a control system or instrumentation technology in the Power Industry.
  • Successful application in a power generation plant (currently operational).
  • Identified benefits to the industry are clear.
  • Innovations have general applicability to any power plant in the industry, worldwide.
  • Recipient is a facility (power plant, dispatch center, environmental treatment facility, simulator, etc.).
  • Applies technology and/or equipment available through use of standard components or practices.

In renovating a pre-existing office park, BMA designed an expansive addition to the company’s current footprint, adding 15,000 square feet of laboratory testing spaces, as well as a two-story, state-of-the-art electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) chamber. BMA took advantage of the interior elements, converting the space into a collaborative, functional, and beautiful environment. Rather than hiding the massive EMC chamber, BMA made it a centrally prominent design feature, creating a unique showcase that allows AMS the opportunity to illustrate their technological capabilities to visitors. Throughout the space, the interiors are carefully curated to reflect the AMS brand— from an embedded AMS logo in the poured Terrazzo floor to the use of the company’s distinctive orange on accent walls and structural beams. The prominent use of glass throughout the facility allows natural light to permeate the space, which includes individual offices, four laboratory spaces, open office and laboratory space, a conference room and an employee break room with kitchen.

AMS President and CEO Dr. Hash Hashemian said, “AMS is extremely pleased BMA won this excellent architecture award for our new facility expansion. BMA is a great architecture firm, and it was a tremendous honor to have worked with them on this expansion and renovation project.”