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EMC Qualification and Testing

The implementation of digital I&C equipment and wireless technologies in nuclear facilities presents a variety of technical and regulatory challenges such as interference and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). To meet these challenges, AMS provides laboratory and field nuclear EMC measurements to verify electromagnetic compatibility and to resolve interference issues.


EMC qualification testing taking place in the larger of 2 EMC Chambers at AMS.


EMC testing taking place in the Anechoic Chamber of the EMC Laboratory


An EMC lab demonstration in the EMC Laboratory

A facility installing new digital I&C or wireless equipment for voice and data communication must ensure that electromagnetic signals emitted by the new equipment will not interfere with the operation of the existing equipment. Conversely, facilities must ensure that new digital and wireless equipment to be installed can co-exist with existing equipment and withstand the prevailing electromagnetic environment.

AMS has an exclusive array of equipment and technologies to meet the EMC qualification needs of the nuclear industry and to support digital I&C and wireless technology implementation. AMS’ state-of-the-art EMC laboratory in Knoxville, Tennessee is an A2LA Accredited Electrical Testing facility (A2LA Cert. No. 3483.01) that is staffed by iNARTE–certified EMC Engineers and Specialists. The AMS A2LA QA management system is audited once every two years by A2LA to maintain accreditation of our EMC laboratory. Several audits of both of our QA programs are also performed each year by customers who use our EMC expertise including audits by members of the Nuclear Industry Assessment Committee (NIAC).

We provide 24/7 EMC testing services onsite at nuclear power plants or in our EMC laboratory at AMS.



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  • Nuclear EMC Qualification Testing of Digital I&C Equipment
  • EMC Design and Installation Review
  • EMI/RFI Troubleshooting
  • EMC and EMI/RFI Problem Resolution and Redesign
  • Wireless Technology Implementation
  • EMI/RFI Site Mapping/Electromagnetic Environment Characterization
  • EMC Training
  • Assistance to Comply with NRC Reg. Guide 1.180 and EPRI TR-102323