Testing and Troubleshooting Throughout the Lifecycle of a Nuclear Facility

AMS strives to develop testing and troubleshooting solutions that are applicable throughout the entire life cycle of any nuclear facility. We understand that all types of nuclear facilities experience many of the same problems with their I&C systems, including cables and connectors problems, problems with sensor response time, or problems with digital implementation. These problems may occur in newly operational facilities, facilities that have been operating for many years, or in facilities that are no longer operational but must maintain adequate monitoring systems as part of a deferred dismantling or SAFSTOR process for decommissioning. The solutions and programs developed by AMS can save nuclear facilities time and money regardless of their operating condition.

Many of the troubleshooting programs developed by AMS can be implemented before a newly constructed nuclear facility becomes operational. Sensors can be optimized to ensure maximum power output and to prevent recalibration delays in future operational cycles. Baseline data from a wide variety of I&C processes and systems, such as baseline data for cables and sensors or a baseline map of EMI/RFI activity within the plant, can simplify troubleshooting for any future problems and, when implemented as part of a continued on-line monitoring program, can be used to predict or prevent future maintenance issues. These programs save nuclear facilities time and money by addressing many common problems before the facility becomes operational.

AMS offers additional programs designed to reduce the amount of time operating nuclear facilities spend on troubleshooting and maintenance every operating cycle. We specialize in simplifying and automating all forms of maintenance testing, including sensor response time, rod control, and cable testing. We can also help nuclear facilities reduce sensor calibration intervals through the implementation of on-line monitoring technologies and outage time through predictive maintenance. AMS’ cable and EMI/RFI troubleshooting programs can quickly eliminate problems and improve the facility’s overall performance.

Finally, during the decommissioning process, AMS testing and troubleshooting programs can continue to be implemented to ensure that all monitoring and maintenance requirements are maintained until the nuclear facility is fully decommissioned. Whether a nuclear facility is decommissioned through immediate dismantling or through deferred dismantling, some degree of monitoring will be necessary throughout the dismantling process to ensure the safety and security of the site. AMS’ can ensure the proper functioning of these monitoring systems and can quickly and efficiently troubleshoot any problems that may arise.

Pre-Operational Tests:

  • Baseline Testing for Cables and Connectors
  • Baseline Testing for EMI/RFI
  • Sensor Optimization



    Standard Operational Cycle:

    • Reduced Outage Time Through Automation
    • I&C Troubleshooting Including Cables, Connectors, and EMI/RFI
    • Predictive Maintenance Through On-line Monitoring




      • Testing and Troubleshooting Monitoring Systems