POWID Events at AMS

AMS recently hosted several events in conjunction with the 61st Annual Symposium for the Power Industry Division (POWID) of the International Society of Automation (ISA). The symposium was held at the University of Tennessee and was chaired by AMS’ EMC Engineering Manager Chad Kiger. Prior to the symposium, AMS held a one-day training seminar on the use of wireless technology within nuclear power plants. The course focused on identifying proper applications and sensor technology, as well as implementation concerns such as EMI/RFI and the use of exclusion zones. The course included various laboratory demonstrations related to these topics. AMS also hosted one of two Student Career Development Forums which are designed to provide current students with an opportunity to have honest discussions with established industry professionals. Finally, AMS hosted a reception for symposium participants that included a tour of the AMS campus and demonstrations of AMS’ testing capabilities.

Photos of the wireless training seminar can be viewed here.

Photos of the POWID reception can be viewed here.