Ohio Invests in Nuclear Energy

Ohio has joined an ever-growing list of states that have chosen to prevented the premature closure of their nuclear power plants through financial investment. Through the passage of House Bill 6, Ohio’s legislature prevented the closure of the state’s two major nuclear power plants, Perry and Davis-Besse.

Supporters of the bill cited a number of reasons for keeping these two plants on-line, including a $95 million reduction in electricity costs in Ohio, as well as reducing the state’s carbon emissions by 2.3 million tons. Nuclear power contributes more than 90 percent of Ohio’s clean electricity, contributes more than $30 million in revenue to the state, and supports over 4,000 jobs in the region.

Four other states, including Connecticut, Illinois, New Jersey, and New York have recently passed similar measures to promote the continued use of nuclear power. Lawmakers in Pennsylvania are currently exploring options to maintain the operability of the state’s three nuclear power plants. Pennsylvania, like Ohio, Connecticut, Illinois, and New Jersey, produces 90 percent of it’s clean electricity through nuclear power plants.