Employee Spotlight: Dan Forrest-Bank

CONGRATULATIONS TO DAN FORREST-BANK, for reaching his 5-year milestone with AMS. Dan started working at AMS as a consultant in 2013 to assist with the company’s R&D proposals and graphics. He was officially hired on full-time as an Administrative Professional in March 2014. Dan maintains a versatile role at AMS with numerous responsibilities relating to the company at large and serving as executive assistant to AMS President Dr. Hash Hashemian. In addition to assisting in the graphics group, Dan is involved in various administrative and publicity-related projects, including writing and editing of company materials, press releases, AMS’s websites and new hire flyers. Dan’s duties are also focused in the concierge services, as well as the coordination and hospitality of private events and company functions. He is also AMS’s property maintenance facilitator, working directly with the facility manager to ensure that the company is always looking good inside and out.

Prior to AMS, Dan spent 20 years working in the publishing industry as a project manager, editor and graphic designer at a nonfiction publishing house, as well as running his own desktop publishing business. All told, he has had a hand in the production of more than 75 published books over his career.

Dan is originally from the northeast and a native of Connecticut, though he will always consider himself a Coloradoan (and an avid Denver Bronco fan!), having lived there nearly 20 years. He graduated with a BA in Literary Studies and Creative Writing from Beloit College in Wisconsin, where he met and married his wife Shandra. They settled in Denver, Colorado, in 1993 and raised a family of 3 children—Solana, Riley, and Cadence—now all in college or just graduated. They relocated to Knoxville in 2012, upon his wife’s acceptance to the University of Tennessee as a professor of Social Work. Outside of work, Dan enjoys spending time with his family (including their fluffy bichon frise Ozzy), traveling to exotic destinations, exercising, playing guitar, golfing, skiing, and taking in a good game of Texas Hold’em.