AMS to support commissioning of first AP1000 reactors being completed in the U.S.

AMS supports the commissioning of the first two Westinghouse AP1000 reactors with several services such as RTD and pressure transmitter response time testing, baseline cable testing of several systems, and noise analysis after startup. AMS supported similar commissioning work on four AP1000s built in China from 2016-2018. The new units at Vogtle will be the first new commercial nuclear reactors to come online in the U.S. since Watts Bar Unit 2 came online in 2016.

Per Southern Nuclear, the AP1000 reactors are part of the Vogtle Unit 3 & 4 expansion project. As of October 2020, the entire project was approximately 88% complete and is expected to meet it’s in-service dates of November 2021 for Unit 3 and November 2022 for Unit 4. Once online, the reactors will provide clean reliable power to 1 million homes and businesses in Georgia.