Nuclear Plants


AMS attends NPIC-HMIT 2017

AMS attended the annual NPIC HMIT Conference located this year in San Francisco, CA. The conference is an international forum for nuclear instrumentation and control and human factors engineering personnel to discuss a wide range of topics including the state of the industry, current direction and future trends. The conference always features government and industry leaders well as plenary speakers and technical sessions.

AMS led a training course before the conference and presented a variety of technical papers listed below.

Development and Implementation of an In-Situ Cable Monitoring Method Presented By: Hash Hashemian

Identification and Repair of Intermittent Cable Faults Presented By: Ryan O’Hagan

Development of Thermal Transit Flow Measurement for SMRs Presented By: Brent Shumaker

Electromagnetic Compatibility Qualification of Power Electronics for I&C Power Applications Presented By: Chad Kiger

Implementation of Wireless Technologies in Nuclear Power Plant’s Electromagnetic Environment using Cognitive Radio System Presented By: Chad Kiger

Emerging and Existing Sensing Technologies for Deployment in SMRs and Advanced Reactors Presented By: Hash Hashemian

Online Monitoring of Rod Control Systems in Combustion Engineering Pressurized Water Reactors Presented By: Ryan O’Hagan

On-Line Monitoring of I&C Transmitters and Sensors for Calibration Verification and Response Time Testing was Successfully Implemented at ATR Presented By: Phil Erickson (INL)

On-Line Monitoring for Static and Dynamic Performance Verification of I&C Systems at Sizewell B Nuclear Power Station Presented By: Brent Shumaker

Application of Quantitative Methods for Reliability Testing of a Nuclear Power Plant Digital Rod Position Indication Diagnostic System Presented By: Brent Shumaker