EMC Nuclear

Wireless Coverage Mapping Services

The proper installation of a wireless network within the complex environment of a nuclear power plant can be challenging. The detrimental effects of walls, wiring, concrete, and equipment on wireless signals can dramatically impact network requirements, often meaning that the placement and number of wireless access points must be altered to provide adequate coverage within a given space.

AMS’ wireless coverage mapping services ensure that wireless installations provide the maximum amount of coverage. The first step in this process is a review of the installation environment using plant drawing. Models are then created using these drawings to identify the most effective placement of wireless access points within the installation area. As part of a site survey, AMS then verifies the accuracy of the model by deploying temporary wireless access points, measuring signal strength throughout the site, and producing a coverage map of the area. Plants then have the option to have AMS conduct a post-installation site survey to verify that the network operates as predicted.

Wireless Coverage Mapping Process:

  • Site Review Using Plant Drawings
  • Model Created of Optimum Access Point Placement
  • Site Survey Performed to Verify Model and Produce Coverage Map
  • Optional Post-Installation Site Survey to Verify Accuracy of Coverage Map