(Last Updated On: August 19, 2020)



Employee Spotlight: Dan McCarter

AMS congratulates DAN McCARTER as he marks his 10TH YEAR with AMS this July. As Software Development Engineer for the Systems Group and a Certified LabVIEW Developer, Dan is a stalwart member of the AMS team. His current responsibilities are split between software development, field testing, and project management. Dan possesses a broad range of experience in software design development and instrumentation and control (I&C) field testing at nuclear power plants. In addition, he contributes valuable work on the design of software applications and systems integration research and design (R&D) projects for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) SBIR program.

Dan started at AMS in 2010, working in an office with two other people in the original Lab A as part of the Technical Services Group (TSG) under Dan Beverly. One of the first projects he worked on was an R&D project for NASA to develop a system for sensing pitot tube blockages in aircraft. He eventually made his way to the Systems Group about 5 years ago. Since then, he has served as project manager on four SBIRs, one of which—I&C Fault Detection Phase II—is currently in progress. In addition, he has served as lead designer of several software packages designed to test digital systems exposed to Electromagnetic and Radio frequency Interference.

Born and raised in Wilmington, North Carolina, Dan has lived throughout the southeast, including stints in Raleigh, Nashville, Atlanta, and finally Knoxville. Dan received his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. Prior to working at AMS, he worked in various positions (from server/bartender to lead trainer) at Macaroni Grill over 10 years both in Knoxville and in Atlanta.

He and his significant other, Tracy, enjoy travelling together to historical places and are looking into getting a house soon. In his spare time, Dan enjoys playing guitar and drums, running and exercising, astronomy, disc golf, reading, board games, mindfulness meditation, smoky Scotches, and scratch building radio controlled airplanes. He is a history buff; his favorite historical periods are ancient history and the American Revolution. His only pet is a blue betta fish named Bruce.

AMS thanks Dan for all his excellent hard work and service to the company over these past 10 years.