(Last Updated On: September 16, 2021)

Nuclear Plants

AMS Participates in the ANS NPIC&HMIT Conference

The 12th Nuclear Plant Instrumentation, Control and Human-Machine Interface Technologies (NPIC&HMIT) Conference took place June 14–17, 2021 during the 2021 American Nuclear Society (ANS) Virtual Annual Meeting. During this conference, AMS created and hosted four panels on instrumentation and control (I&C), electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), online monitoring (OLM), and Virtual Environment for Reactor Applications (VERA). AMS engineers led discussions with experts in the field including lively Q&A sessions with the audience.

In addition to the panel discussion, AMS also published nine papers in the conference:

  • Developments in Online Monitoring Technologies for Autonomous Microreactor Operations
  • Dynamic Response Characterization of Temperature Sensors for Small Modular Reactors
  • Electromagnetic Interference and Material Degradation Concerns with Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation in Nuclear Power Plant Control Rooms
  • Health Monitoring of Digital I&C Systems Using Online Electronic Measurements
  • Methods For Automating Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing
  • Software Reliability Testing of Digital Devices for Nuclear Power Applications
  • Survivability of Low-Voltage Cable Insulations in Small Modular Reactor Environments
  • Topical Report on Implementation of Online Monitoring to Extend Calibration Intervals of Pressure Transmitters
  • Validation of VERA Software for Nuclear Power Plant Life Extension Applications