(Last Updated On: August 3, 2021)



AMS Participates in Digital I&C Panel During Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Regulatory Information Conference

AMS President, Dr. Hash Hashemian, had the opportunity to participate in the Digital I&C Panel during Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Regulatory Information Conference. The goal of the panel was to engage in a conversation with both national and international leaders on digital plant modernization and the various efforts to transition away from analog I&C toward digital I&C.

Other participants in the panel included:

  • Eric Benner, Director, Division of Engineering and External Hazards, NRR/NRC
  • Scot Greenlee, Senior Vice President, Engineering and Technical Services, Exelon Generation Nuclear
  • Bruce Hallbert, Director, Technical Integration Office, Light Water Reactor Sustainability Program, Idaho National Laboratory
  • Gregory de la Grange, I&C Safety Engineer, Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety

The Digital I&C Panel was held as part of the Virtual Regulatory Conference on March 8-11, 2021.