(Last Updated On: November 25, 2020)



ANS 2020 Winter Meeting Honors and Awards Presentation

AMS President Dr. H.M. Hashemian had the honor of presenting the following honors and awards at the 2020 AMS Winter Meeting.

ANS Fellows:

  • Dr. David Aumiller from the Naval Nuclear Laboratory
  • Dr. Rory Kennedy of Idaho National Laboratory
  • Dr. Karen Kirkland of Texas A&M University
  • Dave Kropaczek of Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Ms. Evelyn Mullen of Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Professor Lin Shao of Texas A&M University
  • Dr. Michael Zerkle of Naval Nuclear Laboratory
National Awards:

  • Seaborg Medal – Mr. Michael Podowski
  • Gail de Planque Medal – Ms. Kliss McNeel
  • Mary Jane Oestmann Award – Dr. Maria Okuniewski
  • Landis Public Communications and Education Award – Mr. William Wabbersen
  • Young Member Advancement Award – Ms. Lisa Marshall
  • Young Member Excellence Award – Mr. Tim Crook