Hash Hashemian inducted into University of Tennessee Nuclear Engineering Hall of Fame

Courtesy of The University of Tennessee

The Department of Nuclear Engineering honored the inaugural class of the Nuclear Engineering Hall of Fame during the department’s spring 2017 awards banquet. The Hall of Fame recognizes nuclear engineering graduates or those with a sustained positive relationship with the department. The 2017 inductees all have made exceptional contributions to the nuclear engineering community through their technical innovations, scholarly activities, and leadership.

The first class includes Pietro F. Pasqua, Wayne Coleman, Hash Hashemian, Ken Piety, and Jessie Hill Roberson.

Hashemian earned his first degree in 1974 from Iran University, a BS in physics. His educational and professional career took him to the United States where he earned his MS degree in nuclear engineering at the UT. Since then, he has demonstrated exceptional leadership and service to the nuclear power industry, specifically as founder and president of Analysis and Measurement Services Corporation, which provides equipment, training and services for testing the instrumentation and control of nuclear power plants worldwide. He also continued his education, earning a doctorate in electrical engineering from Lamar University in 2009; a PhD in nuclear engineering from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, in 2010; and a PhD in computer engineering, University of Western Ontario, Canada, in 2011.