AMS Announces New EMC Course for March 2017

AMS’ 3-Day EMC course will be held March 14–16, 2017 at the Hilton Buena Vista Palace in Lake Buena Vista, Flordia. It will provide an understanding of the EMC guidance provided by the NRC and EPRI, discuss the national and international standards for EMC testing, and identify the characteristics of a system that make it either vulnerable to or responsible for electromagnetic interference (EMI) through both class lectures and hands-on demonstrations.

This course is designed to be beneficial for plant system and design engineers, Engineer of Choice (EOC) firms, system vendors, digital I&C designers, commercial grade dedicators, and any other personnel involved with the development or qualification of systems for nuclear power plants.

– Electromagnetic Compatibility Concepts
– Electric and Magnetic Field Coupling
– Transients and Electromagnetic Waves
– Shielding
– Principles of Grounding
– Design Considerations to Control EMI
– EMI Troubleshooting
– EMC Qualification Testing
– Addressing Wireless Technology
– NRC Regulatory Guide 1.180
– EPRI TR-102323

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